1. at Hogwarts Castle / Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

  2. ⚾️ spring training (at Champion® Stadium)

  3. Yea I want to shoot/go to this

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  5. Oderus Urungus #wassphotography #tihc13 @thisishardcorefest

  6. I was never really a GWAR fan. I shot their set at @thisishardcorefest last year & it was one of the sickest things I’ve ever witness. They may not be my cup of tea but that set/show they put on was awesome & one I will not forget. RIP Oderus Urungus #wassphotography #tihc13

  7. Fun day…

  8. I’m driving home n this caught my eye in my rear view mirror. Fuck you @buttxhash__ Yes I’m a ginger n the next time I see you I plan on spitting fire on you bc I’m a soulless ginger bitch #victimofahatecrime

  9. I just came home to this. I have a pretty awesome roommate. Thanks @outxofxstepx oh n if your wondering why it says from “Fat Ass” I was calling him fat ass the other night for no reason (in a funny way). I’m also super shocked to come home to this bc I also told him I went to Canada yesterday n wasn’t coming home to Monday but in all actuality I just went to Levittown for the week. #wishful

  11. wassphotography:



  12. @thisishardcorefest #tihc #rottingout @jmmoorephoto poor guy. I love him.

  13. Yes, a pizza party just happened on stage during Bane’s set #tihc #wassphotography #LCDscreenshot

  14. #tihc #kiddynamite #wassphotography #lastphillyshow

  15. #tihc #kiddynamite #wassphotography #lastphillyshow